Joyce has had 25 fruitful years of painting since she graduated from the Fine Arts program at the University of Denver. Joyce’s work has been displayed at many of the top galleries in Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, and Texas. She has had many one-woman shows, group shows, and invitational shows throughout the country. And, many collectors of her work return again and again to savor pieces from new painting series.

Working with personal symbolism, Joyce’s gift for layering color onto the canvas always delights the eye and intrigues the mind. It is perhaps a reflection of the layers of her life that she brings forth into her paintings. Growing up in Texas, Joyce was ever observant of the references and relationships, the environment, and experiences around her. These “moments of perfection,” as she refers to them, found expression on the canvas not by technique and training, but by a stubborn attempt to leave training and common intellect behind. Her desire to find a solution through art is evident in her work, some of it possibly haunting, and some of it full of joy – all expressed through color and light.